Insurance Process


Step 1: Introduction

Upon arrival, water technicians will conduct an initial walkthrough with the Homeowner to assess the extent of the water damage and identify the affected areas. Subsequently, the Homeowner will authorize the commencement of mitigation by signing a Work Authorization form, granting Apollo Construction Corp. the necessary approval.

Step 2: Documentation & Drying

Water Technicians will document the damaged areas through photographs, stabilize the property, initiate the scope-writing process, and set up drying equipment. This phase requires meticulous attention, with technicians dedicating ample time to ensure thorough drying of the home.

Step 3: End of Drying

Over the next 3+ days, Water Technicians will continually monitor the drying equipment placed in your home. Upon completion of the drying process, all equipment will be removed. Continuous 24/7 operation of the equipment during this stage is crucial.

Step 4: No More Water!

With your home now dry, Water Technicians will capture final photos of any demolition undertaken and showcase the dry condition of the area. Once documentation is complete, you will be asked to sign a Certificate of Satisfaction, signaling to your Insurance Carrier that the work has been successfully completed. We will then submit the estimate to your Insurance Carrier, and upon their approval, funds will be disbursed to you, and we will collect payment for the services rendered.


Step 1: Introduction

As part of the Mitigation process, a Reconstruction Estimator will assess your property and compile a comprehensive estimate based on their findings.

Step 2: Negotiation

The estimator will then submit the estimate to your Insurance Carrier for approval. A collaborative process between the Estimator and Adjuster will ensue, involving negotiations until a mutually agreed-upon scope of work is reached (typically 2-4 weeks).

Step 3: Approved Estimate

Upon approval of the scope of work by your Adjuster, it’s time to finalize the process by signing a contract and settling your deductible (typically 1-2 weeks).

Step 4: Into Production

You will be assigned a Project Manager who will guide you through material selections, facilitating the ordering process (typically 1-2 weeks).

Step 5: Job Completion

Once materials are on hand, the construction phase commences. Upon completion, you’ll conduct a final walk-through with your Project Manager to ensure satisfaction (duration varies, 2-8 weeks depending on the job size).

Step 6: At Last!

With your home restored to its pre-loss conditions, you’ll sign a Certificate of Completion. This document is then forwarded to your Insurance Carrier, signaling the completion of the job and paving the way for the release of the final payment.